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Troubleshooting Zebra/Eltron Label Printers

This article describes some of the troubleshooting tips I’ve discovered for solving problems printing labels with Zebra Eltron label printers. Power Supply Problems Most of the label printers you get on eBay come without power supplies. However, other sellers have power supplies that are claimed to be for these printers available for $10 or so, … Continue reading Troubleshooting Zebra/Eltron Label Printers

Mailing & Shipping 101: Label Printers

These are a bit of a luxury but well worth the expense if you ship more than one or two packages or flats a week. You just click “Print” and out comes a professional-looking label ready to use. Types of Thermal Label Printers A bit of terminology clarification is needed: there are two kinds of … Continue reading Mailing & Shipping 101: Label Printers