About EXEYE Software Tools Inc…

EXEYE got its start in 1981.  Three former employees of IDI (Information Displays Inc) got together to write and market software tools for programmers, beginning with a text editor, XEDIT.  This was back before PCs; our original product was targeted to Prime minicomputers.  For the first few years EXEYE consisted of Jim Connell, Chris Kassopulo, and Jim Requa.  Eventually Chris left to pursue other ventures, and later Jim Requa left to form his own computer consultancy, Terragraphics.

IDI did not do well without us, and in 1983 filed for bankruptcy.  At the time EXEYE was doing consulting work for another small graphics software company, Design Futures Inc (DFI), and we were able to convince the owner of that company to go to the IDI auction and acquire the software assets of IDI, primarily the HTS operating system and IDRAW computer-aided design software.   EXEYE subsequently did significant work on IDRAW, converting it to run on a PC (something IDI had declined to pursue), and adding many features.  IDRAW was marketed fairly successfully by DFI and was used in production work for over 25 years.  EXEYE and Terragraphics did much of the development work over that period.

EXEYE also converted its text editor product to the PC and marketed it, primarily in the 80s and 90s.  We sold a fair number of copies, but the economics of PC software publishing were against us.  XEDIT (and IDRAW) are still available but are somewhat dated and would not interest most new users.

As XEDIT and IDRAW work declined, we began to spend more of our time on general PC consulting, aided by the many useful PC utilities we wrote.  That work continues to this day.

Recently, EXEYE has become involved in VoIP implementation for small businesses.  We have learned a lot about this very complex topic, and intend to add posts to this website featuring much of what we have learned.

In addition, EXEYE has been actively selling on eBay, offering computer-related item as well as other totally unrelated things that seem interesting.  The latest of these is a selection of items to be used with the Sodastream soda maker.