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Troubleshooting Zebra/Eltron Label Printers

This article describes some of the troubleshooting tips I’ve discovered for solving problems printing labels with Zebra Eltron label printers. Power Supply Problems Most of the label printers you get on eBay come without power supplies. However, other sellers have power supplies that are claimed to be for these printers available for $10 or so, … Continue reading Troubleshooting Zebra/Eltron Label Printers

Get a Really Cheap VoIP Replacement for your Landline

I’ve been doing a fair amount of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol] work and have learned a lot about replacing both small business and home phone lines with internet-based VoIP service.  I’ve found reasonably-priced products and services, and in this post (and hopefully others)  I’ll share my experience with the options for replacing one or … Continue reading Get a Really Cheap VoIP Replacement for your Landline

USB Parallel Port Adapters

If you’re trying to hook up an old printer or other device with a parallel port (DB25) or Centronics (CN36) interface, but you have a newer computer without a parallel port, there are easy-to-use adapters available for a few bucks that will give you the required port.  These are also sometimes called IEEE 1284 ports. … Continue reading USB Parallel Port Adapters

Mailing & Shipping 101: Label Printers

These are a bit of a luxury but well worth the expense if you ship more than one or two packages or flats a week. You just click “Print” and out comes a professional-looking label ready to use. Types of Thermal Label Printers A bit of terminology clarification is needed: there are two kinds of … Continue reading Mailing & Shipping 101: Label Printers

Mailing & Shipping 101:

I sell a lot of stuff on eBay and have a pretty good system for shipping and mailing stuff.  I thought I’d share how I handle postage… Internet Postage Suppliers The first thing you need is an account with an internet postage supplier.  These services are the greatest thing since, well, stamps.   I use … Continue reading Mailing & Shipping 101:

A Really Cheap IP Security Camera

I just bought a $19.99 IP security camera from Amazon.  There is a bit more that I’ve learned about it than will reasonably fit in a review, including lots of tips and tricks, so I figured I’d share what I’ve learned. What follows is far from complete, and may contain errors. Please comment if you … Continue reading A Really Cheap IP Security Camera