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USB Parallel Port Adapters

If you’re trying to hook up an old printer or other device with a parallel port (DB25) or Centronics (CN36) interface, but you have a newer computer without a parallel port, there are easy-to-use adapters available for a few bucks that will give you the required port.  These are also sometimes called IEEE 1284 ports. … Continue reading USB Parallel Port Adapters

Mailing & Shipping 101: Label Printers

These are a bit of a luxury but well worth the expense if you ship more than one or two packages or flats a week. You just click “Print” and out comes a professional-looking label ready to use. Types of Thermal Label Printers A bit of terminology clarification is needed: there are two kinds of … Continue reading Mailing & Shipping 101: Label Printers

Mailing & Shipping 101:

I sell a lot of stuff on eBay and have a pretty good system for shipping and mailing stuff.  I thought I’d share how I handle postage… Internet Postage Suppliers The first thing you need is an account with an internet postage supplier.  These services are the greatest thing since, well, stamps.   I use … Continue reading Mailing & Shipping 101:

A Really Cheap IP Security Camera

I just bought a $19.99 IP security camera from Amazon.  There is a bit more that I’ve learned about it than will reasonably fit in a review, including lots of tips and tricks, so I figured I’d share what I’ve learned. What follows is far from complete, and may contain errors. Please comment if you … Continue reading A Really Cheap IP Security Camera

CLP – Command Line Text File List Program

I’ve decided to post some of the useful small programs I’ve written for my own use. CLP is a simple C# console program that lists text files on a Windows printer. It was originally intended to list C source code, but it is useful for printing many kinds of text files. Yes you can use … Continue reading CLP – Command Line Text File List Program